Fall / Winter Training Groups

Improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance with dual circuit training exercises and heart rate training to give you two workouts in one. No matter what level you’re at, expect great results.
Women on a Mission (WOW) is a female only fitness group designed for maximum caloric expenditure to fuel weight loss. Classes promise seventy-five minutes of exercise that will help tone and strengthen your body.

Health & Fitness Tip

Develop a like-minded support network. People that have the greatest success in committing to a healthier lifestyle are those that have like minded people around them. Studies confirm again and again the vital role that social interaction and connectedness with other fit-minded people play in the success of long-term health and fitness goals. If your friends and family don’t jump at the opportunity for a workout buddy, seek out new connections through work, the gym, or other fitness related groups.