Fall / Winter Training Groups

Improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance with dual circuit training exercises and heart rate training to give you two workouts in one. No matter what level you’re at, expect great results.
Women on a Mission (WOW) is a female only fitness group designed for maximum caloric expenditure to fuel weight loss. Classes promise seventy-five minutes of exercise that will help tone and strengthen your body.

Health & Fitness Tip

Switching It Up. Your body adapts quickly to your workouts make sure you challenge you muscles by switching your routine frequently to allow for better results. You can do that by simply changing the exercises you do for that body part each time you work them out. Also by doing the same routines for a week or two and then switching them to a different routine. Switching up the weights that you use, do not get to comfortable with one weight, if you can do 5 more once you get to the end of your set then you should add weight.