Fitness Services

You are never too overweight, unfit or old to start exercising! Some days it will be hard. Some days life will get in the way. And, some days staying in bed sounds better than working out.. Let’s face it, long-term success takes a personal commitment that most of us cannot keep without support.

There are very few people that love exercise all of the time, and never miss a workout. If you are one of them I envy your commitment. For everyone else, together we will identify which of your habits are supporting your goals, and how to adjust those that are not. I will never tell you to give up what you enjoy, ice cream and martinis included.

Each of my clients receives the personalized attention they need to develop sustainable health and fitness habits that fit into the reality of their life. Contact me to find out how I can help you with any of the following programs:

Private Fitness and Weight Reduction Training
Successfully changing your body composition and achieving a healthy, more energetic you is achievable with the right tools and support. Every private session I give is unique, geared toward achieving your personal goals. They are designed to be physically intense given your overall strengths and weaknesses while keeping you motivated and working at your full potential.

Group Circuit Training Classes
I have been training groups of 4 to 8 people for years, primarily as a cost-effective way for my clients to increase their training hours without the expense. Many of them discovered greater enjoyment and a renewed motivation they used to reach their next goal faster. Other benefits they have reported include:
  • Anybody can afford a private coach
  • Get in shape fast and in a fun way
  • See results as a group
  • Motivate each other
  • Make new fitness-minded friends
  • Share your successes with others

Running and Multi-Sport Programs
Training for, and finishing a race like a 5k run, sprint triathalon or half-marathon is the magic pill that has changed some of my clients from super-whiney to super-jock! It takes more than putting one foot in front of the other to ensure that your experience is one that you will want to relive. I will help you develop a balanced training program for your chosen distance, given your current fitness level and experience, within a specific time frame, and without injury.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Do you have knee, hip or recurring back pain that requires special attention or prevents you from doing activities you enjoy? Are you newly injured, post-operative and undergoing or completed physical therapy? Or, is injury prevention important to you? I will help you safely gain strength and flexibility in the affected area so you may return to your desired activities quickly and pain-free. I can also work in conjunction with your physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor for maximal results.

Corporate Wellness
My Corporate Fitness Programs are designed around each company’s employees to create a fun, energetic, synergistic approach to fitness. This 8-week program will keep your group motivated with high intensity circuit training, friendly competition, special bonus classes, and informational handouts to complement your busy, professional lifestyle. Employers from my past corporate fitness groups have reported that their employees:
  • Become more alert and increase productivity
  • Take fewer sick days and report fewer injuries
  • Exhibit an increase in employee relations and moral